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Since most of the stores like Walmart and even EBay stopped selling confederate flags, t-shirts, hoodies with the rebel flag and a lot of other merchandise we have hooked up with Bewild for all of the Confederate clothing products.  You can buy mens and ladies t-shirts with the rebel flag in several different styles and colors.  Confederate soldier costumes for Halloween.  Hoodies and other merchandise also.  As mentioned above, this site has nothing to do with hate and we do understand that the confederate flag indeed offends some people.  That said, there are also a lot of people who see the flag as their southern heritage and we believe they should have the right to purchase merchandise with the rebel flag on it.  We do understand both sides of the argument

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Confederate Flags Lapel Pin

Confederate Flags Lapel Pin

Hand crafted lapel pins are ideal for promoting any special event or something special to you.The pins are individually hand painted,polished and then plated. Find a lapel pin that is guaranteed to meet your needs. Enjoy our pins everyday. Wear them on your jackets, hats, bookbags, Neckties and much, much more!

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Looking to buy confederate flags for the rebel in you or for your southern heritage we have them for sale and in stock ready to ship. If you are looking for sites to spread hate, move along, you found the wrong website. The confederate flags also known as rebel flags are the exact same as in the pictures above. These are 3 x 5 confederate flags with grommets and the material is Polyester/Dacron mix with to holes on one side to fly.  These pride of the south flags are also great for trucks, RTV's, 4 wheelers and motorcycles/bikes. They do sell out fast and if we sell out of them we will post here to let you know.  Payment is made through Pal Pal for the fact that they have both buyer and seller protection.

Buy 3 by 5 Confederate flags for the rebel in you 

To buy Confederate Battle Flags that are for sale use the Pay Pal drop down to choose how many flags you would like to order. We only ship to the continental United States. Your Confederate battle flags will ship within 1 - 3 business days and shipping is Free. Feel free to share with your friends while supplies are still in stock.


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